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AWRA 2019 Summer Specialty Conference 
Improving Water Infrastructure through Resilient Adaptation
June 16-19, 2019
Nugget Casino Resort, Sparks, NV

Abstract Submittal Deadline:  March 10, 2019

Rapid population growth and increased variability of extreme climate events have severely stressed existing and aging water infrastructure of our nation.  Proper management of future risks requires us to reevaluate the resilience of our infrastructure.  The term infrastructure is used in its broadest sense here and includes both physical infrastructure (e.g., reservoirs, dams, aquifers) as well as policy, practices and institutions that govern water management (i.e., policy infrastructure).  Recent extreme events such as the prolonged droughts in California to devastating hurricanes such as Harvey and Irma have exposed inadequacies in both our physical and policy infrastructure.  This realization has spurred a search of innovative ways to improve resilience of our water systems.  Given the large-scale variability of hydrologic systems and their non-stationary behavior, building resilience therefore requires that we adapt to new realities of climate and economic development.

The conference seeks to bring together a diverse multi-disciplinary group of water professionals - both thought leaders and on-the-ground implementers - to disseminate, share and learn about cutting-edge solutions aimed at building resilient infrastructure and improving human adaptation to hydrologic risks.  As with other AWRA conferences, the conference seeks to present excellent networking opportunities and build an exciting conversation around water resources resilience.  Other proposed highlights include - multidisciplinary workshops focused on improving physical and policy infrastructure resilience and proactive adaptation as well as opportunities for students to present their research and network with water professionals in the field.

Why is this Conference Important?
Whether your organization has been looking at resilience and adaptation for years or is just starting to explore how it can support your mission, the conference will expand your knowledge and understanding and connect you to practitioners and policy-makers who are also seeking to improve and share.  In Nevada, we will confer about what engineering solutions and policy conditions are needed for improving water resources resilience of our nation, we will discuss what has or hasn’t worked as we have tried to adapt to water related risks, and what innovative data and tools are being developed and used to support our efforts to improve resilience and adapt to new water realities.

Abstract Submittal 
Abstracts are being sought for both oral and poster presentations and are due by March 10, 2019.  There are five main topic categories:  
1.    Water Infrastructure and Resilience
2.    Natural Hazards, Climate Risks and Adaptation
3.    Food-Energy-Water Nexus
4.    Water and Society
5.    Regional Themes

Each category has a list of sub-topics to select from. Topical sessions and panels are also an option. Contact Program Technical Co-Chairs Tapash Das (tapash.das@jacobs.com; 858-869-4350) and Jay Jasperse (jay@scwa.ca.gov; 707-547-1959) with your ideas no later than Febuary 10, 2019.  Note that presenters for all accepted abstracts must pay the appropriate conference registration fee.

Submit Your Abstract Now

The Reno-Sparks metropolitan area sits in the high desert of the Sierra Nevada foothills at the western edge of the Great Basin.  The area is world-renowned for its physical beauty with virtually limitless opportunities for outdoor recreation.  Reno is dubbed the ‘Biggest Little City in the World’ and famous for entertainment, including the Reno Aces Triple-A baseball team, ensconced in a cozy downtown ballpark.  The area is approximately 35 miles from Lake Tahoe, a large freshwater lake straddling the Nevada-California border in the Sierra Nevada. The Truckee River originates at Lake Tahoe, flows through downtown Reno, and terminates in the desert splendor of Pyramid Lake, a remnant of Lake Lahontan - a relic of a wetter climate.  

The Nugget Casino Resort is located in the heart of Victorian Square in Sparks, NV, just east of Reno with its own exit off Interstate 80 and is literally a few miles from Reno-Tahoe International Airport.  The Reno-Sparks Hotel offers accommodations, casino thrills, dining, nightlife and entertainment that are nothing short of extraordinary.  Sophistication and style, with stunning views of the sparkling Reno city skyline and the Sierra Nevada await guests in each room.

So join us in the Reno area for a stimulating conversation on water resources resilience and adaptation!  We look forward to receiving your abstracts and proposals and creating a terrific conference experience for everyone.

Venki Uddameri
Conference General Chair
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 

Tapash Das
Conference Technical Program Co-Chair
Jacobs, San Diego, CA 

Jay Jasperse
Conference Technical Program Co-Chair
Sonoma County Water Agency, Santa Rosa, CA